Securing industrial assets: optimal security in industries

Sep 22, 2022 | Resource

Unpatched vulnerabilities responsible for 60% of cyberattacks: urgent need for cybersecurity measures

According to a new report by the Ponemon Institute, unpatched vulnerabilities are responsible for around 60% of cyberattacks, resulting in production shutdowns for several weeks in industrial operations. This highlights the urgent need for industries to prioritize cybersecurity measures to prevent such incidents from occurring. The recent cyberattack on DESFA in Greece serves as a stark reminder that no company is completely immune to these types of attacks, and it is crucial for businesses to take proactive steps to protect their critical industrial assets.

As cybersecurity threats continue to evolve and new regulations are put in place, critical industries such as nuclear energy are under increasing pressure to take additional measures to protect their IT security systems. The need for vigilance in assessing the lines of defense for industrial assets has never been more critical to maintain optimal security conditions and ensure business continuity. In light of these challenges, many operators are turning to industry leaders like Framatome for their expertise in cybersecurity. With their comprehensive suite of services and solutions, Framatome is helping critical industries to enhance their cybersecurity posture and safeguard their critical assets against ever-evolving threats.

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